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Casters 101: A Quick Tutorial: Connector Types

Chapter 2 of the Apollo Caster learning guide. Keep in mind, you can always call for assistance.
Tutorial Chapters:

Lesson 2: Connector Types - Terminology to search and find the right connector
Most casters use one of the connectors type below. Make sure to call if you have any questions.
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Top Plate
  • Easy to use for home or outdoor projects
  • Best for heavier applications
  • Sizes from 1-1/2" square to 12" square
  • Rigid casters use these almost exclusively
  • grip-ring-caster
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    Grip Ring
  • Spring ring creates friction to hold caster in the socket.
  • Requires a properly sized socket
  • Simple and fast to install; easy to replace casters later
  • 7/16" diam x 7/8" tall is most common size
  • grip-nick-caster
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    Grip Neck
  • Economical and widely used with furniture
  • Requires proper socket
  • Once installed, the caster is very secure and can be difficult to remove
  • Threaded-Stem-caster
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    Threaded Stem
  • Good for use on home and do-it-yourself projects.
  • Wide variety of sizes and lengths
  • Use with T-nut sockets or apply your own washer and nut
  • Hollow-Kingpin-caster
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    Hollow Kingpin
  • Provides flexibility to use your own threaded stem or other connector
  • Economically priced
  • Expanding-Adapter-caster
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    Expanding Adapter
  • Place into a hollow tube, then turn the nut to expand the rubber and tighten against tube interior
  • Great for difficult to fit applications
  • Many sizes available

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